Why use the toolbox?

The toolbox has proven to be an easy-to-use set of strategies and tools capable of meeting the needs of many stakeholders within the secondary school environment. The toolbox has been successfully used from the state to the school level, and from the urban to the rural setting. Users of the toolbox are guided through steps that manage the change process when implementing initiatives designed to enhance college-ready expectations, achievement, and access.

The toolbox is easy to use, and made up of well researched educational and change leadership best practices. Users will find the blending of the program content best practices (the what) with implementation process best practices (the how) a successful formula for program development leading to post secondary success for ALL students. The toolbox provides the following:

  • An effective set of self-assessment tools to create a college-ready culture
  • Tools that facilitate direct collaboration among counselors, teachers, students, and community leaders
  • Tools that can be used at any time and easily adapted to your school culture and needs
  • Best practice research
  • An implementation roadmap